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Our EARLY BEGINNINGS and PRESCHOOL DANCE classes are designed to give children an introduction to dance that is both positive and FUN! At Carolina Dance Center we are committed to creating a safe space for young children to explore, grow, and MOVE! We have multiple class options throughout the week to accommodate a variety of ages and interests. Dancers can register for more than one weekly class if interested!

DANCE WITH ME (18 months - 2 years) - no recital

Dance With Me is an adult assisted class for young movers ages 18 months to 2 years old. All are welcome and dancers can bring a parent, guardian, grandparent, nanny, or any adult who is ready to have FUN and guide them through the movement and exploration as needed. This class will help develop both fine and gross motor skills while increasing balance, strength and coordination. Instructors will use a wide variety of engaging music and props to make learning exciting and engaging for our youngest participants. Dance With Me students do not participate in our end of year recital on stage and instead will have their own in-house performance at the end of the season!

CREATIVE MOVEMENT (2-3 yrs) - no recital

This class is a perfect introduction to structured movement in an exciting and joyous learning environment. Instructors will utilize a variety of theme based music throughout the season and also incorporate fun props such as a tunnel, parachute, balance beam, bean bags, hula hoops, musical instruments, and more. Dancers will learn the structure of a dance class gradually and are allowed to progress at their own pace. Our primary goal is to help young dancers experience the joy and benefit of movement and fitness in a caring environment. Creative Movement students do not participate in our end of year recital on stage and instead will have their own in-house performance at the end of the season!


PRE-BALLET (3-4 yrs and 5-6 yrs)

We offer two levels of pre-ballet classes for our youngest students. Dancers in both levels will learn the fundamentals of classical ballet, including basic technique, vocabulary, and dance etiquette. These classes are designed to improve coordination, promote muscle strength and flexibility, and encourage creativity. All instructional material is presented in a fun, imaginative manner. Our goal for pre-ballet students is to introduce them to a strong technical foundation for future learning while encouraging a passion for the arts.


BROADWAY KIDS (3-4 years)

  • One hour options includes Ballet, Tap, and Jazz

  • 45 min. Option includes Ballet and Tap


These classes are offered for preschool students who are interested in ballet, tap, and/or jazz. Students will enjoy learning Broadway style tap technique which fosters not only a strong tap dance foundation but also coordination and rhythm. Dancers will also be introduced to creative movement and beginning ballet technique which helps develop poise, grace, and musicality. The hour long version of this class also includes jazz where dancers can groove and sparkle while building confidence and strength. Broadway Kids classes are a great choice for children with high energy, an active imagination, and a love for performing.



  • One hour option includes Jazz, Hip Hop, and Acro

  • 45 min. option includes Jazz and Hip Hop


Calling all movers and shakers! This one hour class is the perfect combination of dance genres for any young dancer with lots of energy!  The basic fundamentals and vocabulary of jazz, hip hop, and acro will be taught as a progression throughout the season. This class is fast paced and the fun teaching approach ensures constant engagement for your dancer.  Each of the three dance styles will be covered equally in each class. Hollywood Stars is designed to promote strength, flexibility, coordination, and musicality, and is an ideal introduction to the exciting world of dance!


Dance With Me and Creative Movement — any dance attire or comfortable clothing, bare feet or ballet shoes


Pre-ballet — light pink colored leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes (pink skirts and tutus are allowed) - dancers must wear their hair in a bun


Broadway Kids and Hollywood Stars — dance attire (any color/style) with tights, socks, or bare feet - dancers need hair pulled back neatly out of face


Footwear needed for each style (please check class description for specific class)

Acro - bare feet

Ballet - pink ballet shoes

Hip Hop - clean sneakers

Jazz - skin colored jazz shoes

Tap - black tap shoes

** Dancers should label all dance shoes with his/her name and have a dedicated dance to bring into the classroom each week

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