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At Carolina Dance Center our acro classes combine dance technique with acrobatic elements and increase strength, balance, and flexibility. Students learn base skills in beginner levels and are shown how to build off them as they progress through the advanced levels. Each class will begin with a warmup to target various muscle groups as well as stretches and strength training. Acro students will complete various drills and also work one on one with the instructor who will spot new skills. Students will start with learning handstands, cartwheels, bridges, limbers, and walkovers in beginner/intermediate levels. As they advance they will learn more advanced skills like aerials, front aerials, handsprings, back tucks, and layouts. Dancers are consistently inspired to progress in this skill based class.


** Advanced classes also work on advanced flexibility skills and tumbling skills which are helpful if planning to audition for a college dance team program


Acro classes are available for ages 6+. Acro is also an option within our combo classes for ages 3-8.


Any stretchy, tight fitting clothing. No shoes or socks. Hair must be securely pulled back.

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