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At Carolina Dance Center we offer multiple combo class options for dancers ages 5-8 years old where they can experience 2-3 dance genres within each one hour class. These exciting classes are the perfect way for young children to sample and learn to love different styles of dance. Classes are available with different configurations between ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and acro. Dancers will learn basic terminology and skills which gives them a solid foundation to build upon in the future. Each combo class will perform one genre in the end of year performance and only one costume will need to be purchased.


Any color/style dance wear. Hair pulled back.

Footwear needed for each style (please check class description for specific class)

Acro - bare feet

Ballet - pink ballet shoes

Hip Hop - clean sneakers

Jazz - skin colored jazz shoes

Tap - black tap shoes

** Dancers should label all dance shoes with his/her name and have a dedicated dance to bring into the classroom each week

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