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Hip Hop is a vibrant form of dance which provides an opportunity for dancers to express their individual styles and personalities in a fun environment. Students will focus on developing rhythm, musicality, and muscle coordination while experiencing high-energy, age-appropriate choreography. In addition to perfecting current hip hop moves, dancers will also participate in strength/conditioning and dance progressions across the floor. Our program utilizes upbeat music from various musical genres including R&B, pop, and the latest hip hop hits. Classes are available for all ages and abilities from beginner through pre-professional.

Experienced dancers have the opportunity to compete hip hop choreography through our two competitive teams, Carolina Groove Elite (CGE) and Carolina Power.

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Any style/color of athletic wear including sweatpants, basketball shorts, leggings, joggers, t-shirts, tank tops, etc. Dancers should wear clean sneakers and have their hair pulled back. No jeans or large jewelry.

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