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Patty began her early dance training in Raleigh and went on to a professional trainee position with Carolina Ballet, while the company was affiliated with The Raleigh School of Ballet. In her years there, she studied under many master teachers, including Ann Vorus, Mary LeGere, Robert Barnett, Adam Miller, and Li Chou-Cheng and attended multiple SERBA (South Eastern Regional Ballet Association) festivals with honor company status. Some of her performance experiences consist of soloist roles in Raymonda, Giselle, Adam Miller's Dracula, and Leslie Jane Pessemier's Bows and Beginnings. Patty also performed with Duke Dance Ensemble for several years. She has been teaching ballet since 1998 and joined the CDC faculty in 2005. In addition to teaching, Patty also owns a skin care studio in North Raleigh.

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